As a child, I grew up in the Dominican Republic where I attended a nearby church with my grandmother. During this time, I was inspired by my Bible study teacher who told of his testimony to being helped as a child by the church, and now being able to do the same in return. It was that moment that I said, “I want to do the same.”

However, my grandmother was a true role model over the years as I witnessed her love for God and passion for people in action. She had a special place in her heart for the Haitian people, whom she would help get settled and learn the language. I saw my grandmother open her home daily at noon to give food to anyone who was hungry, provide medicine, and prayer to comfort them.

She would always say,” Una Mano Lava La Otra,” which is Spanish for, One Hand Washes the Other. It was her love for God and passion to help others that has stayed with me over the years, even after moving to the United States. One day, she bought me a piece of land, and I asked myself, “What shall I do here?” And in my heart, I knew right away that I would build a missionary home in her honor named Casa Mision Paulina.

Casa Mision Paulina is located in Comajon, which is a neighborhood filled with Haitians. When I am there, I love to see each child’s face. Their eyes are as shiny and deep as the midnight sky, and tell stories that captivate me every single time. Our desire currently is to use the home as a place that children can be fed and receive medicine. In the future, we have a vision to add on to the home as an orphanage. Our home is open to organizations and churches who want to be a part of Casa Mision Paulina to bless the people that are in need of the love and comfort of Christ. May the people of Pumajon know that God has his eye on them.

 -Johanna, Founder & President

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